John the baptist - Preparing others

Focus Passage - John 1:19-28

There's no getting around it—John the Baptist was unique. He wore odd clothes and ate strange food and preached an unusual message to the Judeans who went out to the wastelands to see him. But John did not aim at uniqueness for its own sake. Instead, he aimed at obedience. He knew he had a specific role to play in the world—announcing the coming of the Savior—and he put all his energies into this task God has given each of us a purpose for living, and we can trust him to guide us. John did not have the complete Bible as we know it today, but he focused his life on the truth he knew from the available Old Testament Scriptures. Likewise, we can discover in God's Word the truths he wants us to know. And as these truths work in us, others will be drawn to him. God can use you in a way he can use no one else. Let him know your willingness to follow him today.

  1.   What are the characteristics of a humble person?

     2.   Who did the Jews think John was? (1:20-21) What did John say about who he was? (1:20-22)

   3.   How did John "make straight the way for the Lord"? (1:23)

   4.   Who did John say was coming after him? (12:27) What did John say he was not worthy to do? (1:27)

   5.   In what ways can you honor Christ with your accomplishments?

   6.   If you had been John how would you have felt about your role?

   7.   What are some areas in which you struggle to be humble at this time in your life?