Peter - Restored

Focus Passage:  John 21:15-25

Jesus' first words to Simon Peter were "Come, follow me" (Mark 1:17). His last words to him were "You must follow me" (John 21:22). Every step of the way between those two challenges, Peter never failed to follow—even though he often stumbled.When Jesus entered Peter's life, this plain fisherman became a new person with new goals and new priorities. He did not become a perfect person, however, and he never stopped being Simon Peter. We may wonder what Jesus saw in Simon that made him greet this potential disciple with a new name, Peter—the "rock." Impulsive Peter certainly didn't act like a rock much of the time. But when Jesus chose his followers, he wasn't looking for models; he was looking for real people. He chose people who could be changed by his love, and then he sent them out to communicate that his acceptance was available to anyone—even to those who often fail.


   1.   When did you ever have to restore a broken relationship?


   2.   What did Jesus ask Peter three times? (21:15-17) How did Peter feel after Jesus had asked him the same question three times? (21:17)


   3.   What did Jesus predict about Peter's future? (21:18-19) What concern did Peter raise? (21:20-21)


   4.   With what did Jesus want Peter to concern himself? (21:22)


   5.   Was Peter restored to honor, to service or to both? Why?


   6.   How was the restored now called to restore?


   7.   Is there someone you know who needs to be restored? How might you do that? Who around you might help?