Nehemiah Revival: Revival starts with scripture

Focus passage: Nehemiah 8

The church at large needs revival. Our first reaction is to look out into the world and complain that it has changed. We complain about government. We complain about our culture. We want to write nasty things on Facebook and badger people into doing what is right. We are looking at the wrong place for the problem. The church flourished in the midst of the evil Roman Empire. The problem is us. The problem is that the church is listening more to the media and culture than to God. Most church people know less about the Bible than we did a generation ago. Parents don’t think it is important to teach their kids the simple Bible stories at home or make sure they get to Sunday School. Christians are struggling for they have the wrong information. They know more about pop culture than biblical characters and values. They want God to build the world and make it beautiful, but their hearts are running on empty. We need a revival, and it needs to start with us if the world is going to change.

For the full bible study on Nehemiah 8 including the leader's guide, click here. It is in PDF form and is free. Feel free to use it for your personal bible study or for your church or small group.