Nehemiah Revival: How much do you want it?

Under Nehemiah's gifted leadership, the people did the impossible and rebuilt the walls. Now all that was left was to rebuild the gates. Since Sanballat and the others were not able to stop the people from working, they began to attack Nehemiah. If they could get rid of the leader, they could stop the project and retake the city. As they finish the task before them, the Jews and Nehemiah can teach us a lot about success and revival in the church.

The first question is how much do you want it? Revival in the church is not easy. That should not surprise us for some of the best things in life are not easy. You want a baby. Are you willing to put up with morning sickness, 2 AM feedings, and three-year-old temper tantrums? You want to be in business or be a lawyer or doctor. Are you ready for four to eight years of college? There will be exams and all-nighters.

A lot of people want a great church, but they want others to do the work, and they will just sit their butt down and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. Instead of rolling up their sleeves, they hop from church to church trying to cash in on the good times. My question is how much do you want a great church and are you willing to fight for it? As much as we want it, Satan doesn’t want vibrant churches and will make it hard.

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