Rejoice in the gift

Focus: Luke 2:1-20

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

1.       What do we know about Caesar Augustus?

2.       Verse 4 talks about their journey. How do you imagine Mary and Joseph felt by the time they got to Bethlehem?

3.       How do you picture this manger? What do you imagine it looked like?

4.       How do you react when you are asked to do something difficult? How has your worst situation compared to what Mary and Joseph are facing?

5.       Try to imagine the contrast between how Jesus came to earth and how royalty travels to a foreign land. What would it be like for a modern king to travel?

6.       Whenever there is a birth, there is a birth announcement. Who was Jesus first birth announcement given to? What does this tell us about the recipients and about the savior himself?

7.       What do we know about these shepherds?

8.       Verse 9. What do you imagine this glory of the angel’s looking like?

9.       Verse 11 What was the message of the angels and what does it mean?

10.   Does Christmas ever become so hectic that it loses all its joy?

11.   Verse 13-14 The angels break out into song. Why do you think that they feel that they need to break out into verse and what would the effect of their song have been on you if you were there?

12.   Verse 14. The angels promised peace. How does the biblical word peace differ from the way we often use the word?

13.   Verse 15. What do you admire about these shepherds? What do learn about following God from their example?

14. If you were to spread the news about Jesus’ birth, who would you want to tell first? What would you tell someone about your Savior?

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