Revitalize - How to revitalize your worship Psalm 100


If you want to revitalize the worship in your church, sing!  Make music a big part of your life. Sing in the car. Buy a growing stack of CDs. Sing loud. If you can’t sing, hum. If you can’t hum, mumble. If you can’t mumble, mouth the words. Participate joyfully in worship. I don’t think many Christians see singing as a moral obligation. We are commanded to sing. And, few things will improve a worship service and revitalize a church like a house full of people singing at the top of their lungs. Click here to have the leaders guide to the Bible study.

Revitalize - How to Live Lives on Fire for God.


Revelation 3.14 - 22 Revitalization starts from the inside out. It starts by returning to our first love. It starts by cultivating a red-hot love for God. It is sustained by habits—mostly the habit of the Christian Quiet Time. It effects our buildings. It influences our worship. It changes our group-life. It awakens our ministry. It revolutionizes our outreach. But, it starts with the heart. Click here to have the bible study that will help you to see what a life on fire for the Lord looks like. 

Revitalize - Return to the love you once had


Ephesus was once a thriving church. It had been served by people like Paul and John the disciple. It was held as a shining example of what a church should be in the second century AD by many of the great leaders of the church. It was even the place where one of the great councils of the Catholic Church was held in 431 AD. Yet, today the city doesn't have a single Christian church. This study looks at why that happened and how the modern church can avoid that fate. A full copy of the leader's guide is available by clicking here. I hope that you enjoy it and that it sparks a lot of thought. 

Nehemiah Revival: It is God who lifts us past our weaknesses

Failure was all around them. They stood in a place of greatness, but all around them was failure and decay. The temple above them on the hill had once gleamed with gold. Now, their temple was simple and the walls made of burnt and broken stone. The glory of David and Solomon was long past. Would they ever be great again? It can feel the same way in the church today. We remember the days when it was fashionable to go to church and the Sunday school was filled with kids eager to learn. Now we step into half-filled sanctuaries, and the population of the church is graying. Times have changed, but God has not. God can lift us past our weakness. This Bible study will show you how the Lord lifts us up and how the Jews confessed their past and committed to the future. 

For the full bible study on Nehemiah 9 including the leader's guide, click here. It is in PDF form and is free. Feel free to use it for your personal bible study or for your church or small group. 

Nehemiah Revival: Revival starts with scripture

Focus passage: Nehemiah 8

The church at large needs revival. Our first reaction is to look out into the world and complain that it has changed. We complain about government. We complain about our culture. We want to write nasty things on Facebook and badger people into doing what is right. We are looking at the wrong place for the problem. The church flourished in the midst of the evil Roman Empire. The problem is us. The problem is that the church is listening more to the media and culture than to God. Most church people know less about the Bible than we did a generation ago. Parents don’t think it is important to teach their kids the simple Bible stories at home or make sure they get to Sunday School. Christians are struggling for they have the wrong information. They know more about pop culture than biblical characters and values. They want God to build the world and make it beautiful, but their hearts are running on empty. We need a revival, and it needs to start with us if the world is going to change.

For the full bible study on Nehemiah 8 including the leader's guide, click here. It is in PDF form and is free. Feel free to use it for your personal bible study or for your church or small group. 

Nehemiah Revival: How much do you want it?

Under Nehemiah's gifted leadership, the people did the impossible and rebuilt the walls. Now all that was left was to rebuild the gates. Since Sanballat and the others were not able to stop the people from working, they began to attack Nehemiah. If they could get rid of the leader, they could stop the project and retake the city. As they finish the task before them, the Jews and Nehemiah can teach us a lot about success and revival in the church.

The first question is how much do you want it? Revival in the church is not easy. That should not surprise us for some of the best things in life are not easy. You want a baby. Are you willing to put up with morning sickness, 2 AM feedings, and three-year-old temper tantrums? You want to be in business or be a lawyer or doctor. Are you ready for four to eight years of college? There will be exams and all-nighters.

A lot of people want a great church, but they want others to do the work, and they will just sit their butt down and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. Instead of rolling up their sleeves, they hop from church to church trying to cash in on the good times. My question is how much do you want a great church and are you willing to fight for it? As much as we want it, Satan doesn’t want vibrant churches and will make it hard.

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