Genesis Foundations


The answers to all the burning questions of our age are found in the first chapters of Genesis. How and why was the world made? What is marriage supposed to be like? How did sin come into the world? Why do people have to die? What is God's solution to our sin? Those questions and a dozen or so more are answered in these first pages. These first chapters form the foundation of much of what the rest of the Bible will teach. Join me as we look at a few of the sections of Genesis 1-9 that will provide many of these answers. God doesn't want us to be ignorant of the truth, but to let His truth set us free to live with joy and love. 

Why did God make the world? Genesis 1 Most of the time, we discuss how God created the world. This message looks at why He created the world. The answer might surprise you. Evolution is a cold story of chance. The Bible tells a story of a loving God who wanted to create a perfect "nursery" for the children that He would create. It was not until the "nursery" was made and finished that man was created. Join me in looking at this act of love so that you might know how much God wanted you as His child