Genesis Foundations


The answers to all the burning questions of our age are found in the first chapters of Genesis. How and why was the world made? What is marriage supposed to be like? How did sin come into the world? Why do people have to die? What is God's solution to our sin? Those questions and a dozen or so more are answered in these first pages. These first chapters form the foundation of much of what the rest of the Bible will teach. Join me as we look at a few of the sections of Genesis 1-9 that will provide many of these answers. God doesn't want us to be ignorant of the truth, but to let His truth set us free to live with joy and love. 

Hope and renewal in tribulation -Genesis 8 She laid in a hospital bed with tubes strung from her body and a monitor beeping over her head, she felt forgotten. The heart attack had passed and she was still alive, but now what? What would the future look like and could she even go back home? Locked in an ark for over a year, Noah and his family must have had some of the same thoughts. They alone had survived the flood, but what would life look like in the aftermath? This chapter is about renewal and hope after the crisis. When the storms of life happen, take courage in what the Lord will do for you and be ready to celebrate His mercy.

Ordinary work, an extraordinary God - Genesis 7 "Oh no, turn back, we forgot something!" You have made lists and tried to think of everything, but there is often one thing left unprepared. No one wants to go on a trip and figure out that you have forgotten something important. How do you prepare for a journey on a 450-foot ark? Once the rains come, there is no turning back. The one thing that I see Noah doing that I often do forget is to trust the Lord. Noah does the ordinary things and trusts God to do the extraordinary. As we look at Noah, we can learn a lot about obeying God and letting Him do what we cannot do. 

An opening for grace - Genesis 6 They cut off Bill’s leg to save his life. He had a cut on his foot and it became gangrene. It was either the foot had to go or the infection would spread through his whole body. In a way, the flood was such an operation. Mankind had become evil and God had to cleanse the earth with a worldwide flood. It was a tragic thing to do just as cutting off a limb is today. The flood was an act of salvation for the race of humans. It was God destroying evil so that good might survive.

 Sin spreads like weeds Genesis 4:1-16 How did one sin spread to take over the whole world? Eating the forbidden fruit doesn’t seem so bad to many people. Few people would say that killing your own brother isn’t a grievous sin. I think that the Bible records this sin to show us how far sin spread in the few decades since the first sin. Truth is that sin spreads like weeds. One sin often leads to another and Satan is always busy teaching us to sin in new ways. It was like the floodgates were opened up with the first sin in the garden.

Anatomy of Temptation Genesis 3:1-24 “There is nothing certain in life but death and taxes.” The question is not if we will die, but why we all will die. Many people can’t reconcile a perfect loving God with sin and death. If God is so loving, why must people die and why did He make us this way? Genesis 3 provides the answer to the question. We accepted Satan’s lies and wanted to be our own God because Satan promised that we could become like God. Death began with a man and not with God.

Why did God make the world? Genesis 1 Most of the time, we discuss how God created the world. This message looks at why He created the world. The answer might surprise you. Evolution is a cold story of chance. The Bible tells a story of a loving God who wanted to create a perfect "nursery" for the children that He would create. It was not until the "nursery" was made and finished that man was created. Join me in looking at this act of love so that you might know how much God wanted you as His child