Jesus teaches the Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5-7

Site of Sermon on the Mount

Site of Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5-7 is called the Sermon on the Mount because Jesus gave it on a hillside near Capernaum. This "sermon" probably covered several days of preaching. In it, Jesus calls His disciples to be different than the Pharisees and Sadducees of His day. He wants them to have sincere faith and not faith that is only outward appearance.  In these six sermons, we are going to look at key sections of the sermon that reveal God’s expectation of what it means to be a disciple so that we can apply them to our lives just as the disciples did.

Feb. 11 Known for Their Fruit Matt 7:15-23 Fake news has become a term used first by the president and now people on both sides of the aisle. Everything is shaded with bias and you often don’t know if the person really knows what they are talking about. Who do you listen to? Jesus has a few words on how to know what is good and bad information so that evil doesn’t lead you astray.

Feb. 4 God's Generosity Matthew 7:7-14 - Life is filled with troubles that bring us down and make us lose heart. Where do we turn? Often we dismiss God because he should have kept those bad things from happening. Millions think that God doesn’t care because life is not perfect. To them and to us, Jesus says trust God to keep on giving. Jesus wants us to see that we have a generous God who keeps on giving and so we should keep on asking.

Jan. 28 Faith must replace worry Matt. 6:25-32 I find it hard to let go. You may have that problem as well. I struggle when the mechanic tells me I need a new thingamajig for my car with a $2000 price tag. We often struggle letting God take control of our life as well. The result is worry. if you want a life that is not riddled with worry, you have to let go and put God in control. Worry happens when we think we are in control and we realize that we can’t control anything at all.

Jan 21 Real worship Matt 6:1-15 Worship is something we all do, but I think that few Christians understand. Jesus will look at three parts to worship and show their deeper meaning and how to get the most out of worship. It begins with the right attitude and has the right focus. It builds relationships and a network of support that starts in heaven and leads down to earth.

Jan 14 - Salt and light Matt 5:13-16 - Christian is a verb as well as a noun. It is who you are, but it is also what you do. You are to be people who change your world and lead people from darkness. You are not to be like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day who thought that they deserved special honor just because of who they were while they seldom lifted a finger to help people.

Jan. 7 - The Beatitudes Matt 5:1-12 - The disciples were on cloud nine. The twelve were the right-hand men of Jesus the miracle worker and preacher. Surely they were on the way to fame and prosperity themselves. Yet, Jesus called them aside with the crowds looking on. It was time for a lesson. His kingdom was different. The Pharisees looked for pleasure and prosperity, but they would be servants.