Be still so God can help

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

8 12 bear.JPG

It will stop you dead in your tracks. Come face to face with a big brown bear as I did in the Great Smoky Mountains and you will want to stand still and keep quiet. Only a fool starts yelling or approaching the bear for that could bring disaster. Fortunately, the bear looked at me and walked away. I have pictures of the bear’s backside as a token of God’s gracious protection. If we have such respect for a bear, why don’t we respect God?

The psalmist says “Be still”, yet Christians question God all the time. Isn’t God greater than a bear and more worthy of our respect? The fool questions God and wants to tell God how the world should work. The wise will be still and recognize God’s glory and His greatness. They will surrender to the Lord and wait for the Lord’s direction and His wisdom. When we encounter God in His word or in prayer, God has something special to share with us that could change our lives. The wise will stand and listen. They will not have to be afraid as I was with the bear for the Lord is our friend and our heavenly Father. We know that He has our best interests in mind. He is not there to destroy but to uplift and renew.

Having met my Lord, I will exalt Him. I will share the insights that He has given me so that others will benefit as well. Part of knowing that He is God is knowing that whatever God says in His word is true and will be a benefit to every man, woman, and child. I exalt Him by sharing what He has taught me with others. They need to hear of my encounter with God and the lessons that I have learned just as I have told many about my encounter with the bear. They need to see the wonder and power and love of our God so that they will be still when He comes into their lives. Every person should be excited when God draws near and be ready for whatever message or task that God has to give us. Be still and let God speak so that your life is guided by His wisdom and not your own idle chatter.

What is bothering you in life right now? What message would you like from the Lord that He could give you in scripture or in your prayers? How could you share an important message with others in your family or among your friends?