Jesus' miracles: Great Provider

Focus passage: Mark 8:1-9

It sent a shudder down his back. Steve had been in this waiting room’s padded chair before looking at his reflection in the buffed floor. He even remembered the people’s footsteps in the hallway to his left. His wife had woken with chest pains. Here in the hospital waiting room, he was terrified. Would it be a heart attack like last time? Would she need surgery again? The memories flooded back over him. He began to pray and a different kind of memory surrounded his fears. Last time when there was little chance of recovery, the Lord had worked a miracle. Suddenly, he could feel God’s presence. He was not alone. God was there at his side. There is power in remembering what God can do. Sadly, the disciples did not remember what Jesus was capable of. 

Jesus was filled with compassion v.2 The number of people was large and the options for food were small. He felt their need and wanted to show compassion. The eyes of a lame beggar or the cry of the leper in the distance always made Jesus stop. His heart went out to them and gave them hope. The first thing we should always remember when we face a crisis is the love and compassion of Jesus.

The disciples focused on the problem and not on Jesus v. 4 The place was remote. The crowd was large. The disciples forgot Jesus’ power and repeated the wrong answers they had given at the feeding of the 5000. Standing in front of the answer to the problem, they failed to remember what Jesus had done before. They forgot that there was nothing Jesus couldn’t do. 

Jesus again showed them what God can do v.8 He must have been saddened by their response. Once again, Jesus told the disciples to pass out the seven loaves and a few fish to the people as they had done before. Once again, everyone had more food than they needed. God was generous. Every person was satisfied and their basketfuls of leftovers. God exceeded their expectations.

There is power in remembering. As we look at our hands and wallets, there is never enough. As we look at the hands of Jesus, even a little is more than enough. Miracles depend on Him and not us. God doesn’t want our resources to be adequate. He wants us to lean on Him and depend on Him to do miracles in our lives. He wants us to see that it is not what is in our hands that matters, but what His hands can do. When Steve’s grown daughters joined him at the hospital, they were all in tears. He embraced each of them and felt their pain. He prayed with them and began to recount the story of their mother’s earlier heart attack. Then he asked them to remember how God had healed their mom and to trust that God could do the same this time. The family bowed their head and prayed. Now there were four waiting in padded chairs for a miracle.