David - The man who had God's heart

Focus: 1 Samuel 16 – 2 Samuel 7

When we consider who to hire as our doctor or mechanic, we often consider their skill and knowledge. We want a doctor who has done this procedure dozens of times and was at the top of their class. We want a mechanic who has worked on this model car with years of experience. They need to get it right. When God looks at a person, he is not impressed with their skill or knowledge. He can give both to any fool. What he cares about is the heart. Is this a person who will be honest and have values? Is this a person who will follow God and believe in God? What stood out with David was his heart. He was a man of character who loved the Lord more than anything else. His early life was dedicated to the Lord.

David is chosen by God for his heart 1 Sam. 16:7 Saul has been rejected by God for his stubbornness and unwillingness to follow God or repent of his sins. When Samuel sees David, God says this is the one. Anoint him to be the next king. He has the heart that I am looking for. He is the one who has what is needed to lead my people. I will be like a father to him and will nurture him and make him the greatest king that the world has seen. David has God’s heart, but what is that?

Those with God’s heart fight for God’s Honor 1 Sam 17:45 It is about a year later and David is still too young for the army so his father sends him with food for his older brothers as they battle the Philistines. There in the valley, Goliath is shouting curses against the true God. David is incensed that this giant would defile the name of the true God. He is willing to fight Goliath for the honor of God. He is willing to lay his life on the line rather than have the world and the Israelites think that their God is weak and ineffective.

Those with God’s heart keep themselves pure 1 Sam 24:10 Advance about ten years and we find David hiding in the desert from Saul who wants to kill him. A rare opportunity comes when Saul relieves himself in a dark cave. David’s men who are tired of running and see this as an opportunity from God want David to kill Saul and be done with it. Yet, David will not kill the king of God’s people. David will keep himself pure. The Lord stands behind the righteous and not the evil. How can David expect the Lord to protect him if he is no better than Saul?

Those with God’s heart accept God’s Will 2 Sam 7:2 David has now been king for about twenty years and the Lord has brought his wealth and power. He wants to use this time of peace to build a temple to the Lord so that all the world will honor God and worship Him. Surprisingly, God says no. You must continue to lead these people with your example of godliness so that they truly become a godly nation. Saddened, David accepts the Lord’s will. It was a plan that came from a Godly heart, but it was not God’s plan.

Never underestimate the heart. God’s people do not need strength or great resources, God will provide those. They need to be dedicated to the Lord and be open to being His tool in the world. Those who have His heart are the ones that God can use to work in the lives of the community and the nation. God will choose them because their open heart is willing to follow Him and to do His will. It is something that we can develop in our children as well if we want their happiness. God’s heart is the greatest assets that a person can have. Imagine how it would change your life if you were more like David. Think of the mistakes you would not make because you had God’s values. Think of the help and blessings that God could bring into your life because you are now open to following Him and building a relationship with Him. God is looking for people with His heart whom He can love and help all the days of their lives.