Parables of Jesus: Are You Prepared?

Focus passage: Matthew 25:1-13

John just lost his job and sees no future. He wants to pray and ask God for help, but it has been a long time since he was in church. What would you do if a crisis hit you? Are you spiritually prepared for the tough times?

Tom and Jerry were two brothers that owned a wildly successful dot com company. They were both members of the local Lutheran church and were serving as elders together. The only difference between the brothers was that Jerry was in Bible study and Tom was not. Then the bubble burst. The company that they owned was in danger of folding. Tom began to worry. Jerry began to pray. Tom’s marriage started falling apart. Jerry’s marriage seemed stronger than ever. What was the difference between the two brothers? It was all about faith. How would you respond if God took too long to help you in your crisis?

The foolish aren’t prepared when answers take too long v.8 The foolish virgins would have been ok if the bridegroom had come quickly. They had enough oil at first, but it started failing them as the bridegroom delayed. They were not prepared to wait. A crisis will show how strong your relationship with God really is. If you have weak faith, you may have a false idea of what God will do in your life.

Foolish hearts grow dim and the flame goes out v.10a The waiting had let the flames grow dim and the oil run out. They tried to beg oil off the others, but you can’t borrow another’s oil. They tried to run for more oil, but time run out. When troubles come, shallow faith can’t endure the troubles. You ask others to pray for you, but you have not built your own relationship with God and so the crisis overcomes you and leaves you without hope.

The wise have prepared and are sustained by the Holy Spirit v.7 The wise virgins had brought extra oil with them. They had known that it sometimes takes longer than you want for the bridegroom to come. It was not a problem; they were ready. A wise Christian with a deep reservoir of faith knows that you can’t and don’t want to leave the Lord. You trust him to help you in the crisis. Faith tells you that God is near and that things will be OK.

The wise wait for the Lord and receive his blessings v. 10b The wise virgins relit their lamps and continued to wait. When the bridegroom came, they were ready to follow him and enjoy the celebration of his love. The wise build a close relationship with the Lord by bible study and prayer They will cling to the Lord and know that he alone can help them with all their needs and help them. through every problem. They will wait and trust for they know their Lord will not let them down.

It doesn’t take much faith when times are good All ten virgins are excited about the coming wedding. It is easy to love the Lord when everything seems good. Troubles can come at any time or any hour. If our faith is shallow when trials come, we will doubt God and grow angry with him and may lose our faith. If our faith is deep and our reservoir of Holy Spirit Oil is full, we will grow and thrive in tough times for the faith is part of the armor of God which we are to all have. The call is to have a reservoir of faith to give us strength while we wait for the Lord’s answers. When you know the Lord and have the power of the cross and the oil of the Holy Spirit, even the worst crisis can not destroy you.