God's Story

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The Bible is an extraordinary book of ordinary people and a loving God that most people barely know. This series of 32 devotions will take you on a ride through much of the history of the Bible with the ups and downs of its people. Around every corner, you will meet individuals who can teach you lessons about how to live a fruitful life or how to avoid destructive habits. You will meet leaders like Joshua and Daniel as well as faithful women like Ruth and Esther. As you get to know them, you will learn lessons that can shape the rest of your life.

Woven in the lives of all these people is the story of a loving God. He will promise extraordinary gifts to some of them. He will teach and mentor these ordinary men and women so that their lives become miraculous. He will even discipline some of them so that they learn how to be great and be a blessing to others. Throughout the ages, the Bible is a diary of God’s love for these people and us.

The book also includes twelve bible studies that are meant to be shared. You have my permission to copy the student guides for your church or small group bible studies. Each Bible study is connected to one of the devotions and to a leader’s guide so that you can feel confident leading others to understand God’s word. My hope is that you enjoy the book with its devotions and studies and let the Holy Spirit change your life through them. God is ready to sit down with you through these studies and change your life.

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