Shining like a star

Daniel 12:3
Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

8 30 light.JPG

The media rang out her praises. “She was a pioneer in rhythm and blues. Her records sold billions of copies and the world won’t be the same without her” lamented the reporter. I scratched my head as I listened to the report and wondered if I had ever heard of her or her music. Despite the great accolades, I doubted that she would be remembered next week when we moved onto the next great loss for mankind. In contrast, I thought of Lou, Carol, Ray, and Jean. They are still remembered in our little church. They may have been dead for several years, but their influence and light still shines. They were the people who served others in the church and in their family. They were the wise ones who everyone listened to when they spoke. The media didn’t speak their praises, but the people whose lives they touched will speak of them for a long time.

The Bible is filled with names that shine like lights today. We think of Abraham, Ruth, Daniel, Mary, and Peter to name just a few. None of us has ever met these men and women but we have been influenced by their lives recorded in the Bible. Daniel will always be connected with a lion’s den and Mary with the manger in Bethlehem. Their actions showed faith and love that still excite us today. Their words are full of God’s wisdom that can guide our lives and show us how to live with joy in tough times. They are God’s people and their lives shine like the sun even after hundreds of years.

I don’t want to be praised like some musical artist or the next great football player. Their stars will fade and their accomplishments probably didn’t really change the lives of many people. I want to be like Daniel. I want to be someone who stands up for his faith and leads people to Christ. I want to shine with God’s wisdom so that others can see what God is like and why we should all follow Him. I want the people I touch to see my character and my willingness to serve rather than be amazed at my accomplishments. I am nothing. God is everything. I want His brightness shine in me.

What attributes of God do people see in you? How do you shine the wisdom of God so that others around you will have a better life?