You have a Christian life worth sharing

Rom. 15:13-21

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Sometimes, I think we forget how good we have it as Christians. We forget what the grace and faith mean for our lives. We forget how wonderful it is to be comforted by the word or to lay our cares on God in prayer. We have something very special and it is something that we can share. In Romans 15, Paul tells them why he has written the letter. The year is 57 AD and Paul is writing a letter to the Roman church hoping that he will have a chance to stop by and meet them on his way to Spain. What he doesn’t realize is that he will get to Rome in two years as a prisoner appealing for his life before Caesar. During that time, he will share his life and they will see that even prison can’t take away the joy that Paul has as a Christian. It will be a powerful time for Paul. It is a model for us as well.

God is constantly preparing you to share your life so that it benefits others. We forget how far we have come. God has changed our life month by month so that we can be more like Him. We are kinder and gentler than we were before and we have been given opportunities to serve the Lord. God is not finished with us either. Paul knows that God will continue to help the people of Rome grow as God heaps His love and mercy on them. It will have a great effect letting them flourish in this pagan capital. His love will continue to change us as well. Paul also challenges the people to let the Lord work through them so that God has the chance to change others and give them the benefits that every Christian already has.

How can you change others? You use the opportunities that the Holy Spirit gives you. He will lead you and will give you the power to change lives. It may come as a simple meeting of someone at Walmart who you haven’t seen in a while or a friend who you visit in the hospital. Talk with them and let them know what the Lord is doing for you. The Spirit will guide you where He wants you to go. Don’t be afraid to take risks. The work you do is important. God is calling you to impact one person or group at a time just as Paul did. Your actions and words can bring them closer to the Lord and change their life. You are the luckiest people on the planet. God wants you to share those blessings with others so that they can be blessed as well.