Bible Insights: Luke 15

Who is Jesus speaking to when He tells the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin and lost brother? What does that mean for each of us when we feel like no one cares about us?

My new book "32 days with Abraham is now available. On the website is a free booklet sample of the book. 

My new book "32 days with Abraham is now available. On the website is a free booklet sample of the book. 

Jesus is speaking to tax collectors and sinners (Luke 15:1) while the Pharisees mutter because Jesus would even associate with such people. Jesus didn’t come for the self-righteous, he came to help those who felt an emptiness in their heart. He came to help people when they lose their way. Notice in the parable how the shepherd left the 99 sheep to go find the one. That speaks about how valuable that one sheep was to the shepherd. When he does find it alive, he takes the sheep back and calls people to rejoice with him that he has found this wayward sheep.

The stories are not only about being lost. They are just as much about being valued. I don’t think that people realize how much it impacts all of us when they are gone from the church. I know people get busy, but often one week turns into three or six that someone is gone. Friendships become lukewarm and the church doesn’t seem to be able to count on people for the ministry that we all expect. That is why I want everyone to know that they have value. You may feel like you are a tax collector or sinner and no one cares about you. That is Satan talking, not God. God always loves you and so do we.

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