Bible Insights: John 19

Where is Joseph on Good Friday? We hear about Mary, but never hear about Joseph? What does Mary’s appearance at the cross teach us about Jesus’ love.

Bible Insight: When Mary comes to the cross with John, Joseph is no where to be seen. The reality is that he is probably already dead. Jesus’s brothers (James, Joseph, Simon and Judas – Matthew 13:55) also do not believe yet, although they will after the resurrection. It is for this reason that Jesus gives responsibility for His mother to John. As His closest disciple, John who does believe in Jesus as Messiah is to care for Mary. What I find amazing is that Jesus, in the midst of His own pain, is thinking about others and showing His love. Mary and John will be a big comfort for one another in this time of grief.

Sometimes when we are faced with crisis, we fold in on ourselves and don’t think of others who may be hurting. Jesus shows us that love calls us to care for others. It can also give us comfort as we share our grief with others by caring for them. There will always be others who will be affected by our hurt, we should not forget their pain in the midst of our own.  

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