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This newsletter contains a devotion on the book of Daniel from my upcoming book, "32 days with God's Story" This devotion is for you as an intro to Daniel. Here are some questions that I would have gotten wrong before I wrote the devotion. 1) How old was Daniel when he was thrown into the lion’s den? 2) How much of an impact did Daniel have on the kings of Babylon and Persia and upon God keeping His promise to return the Jews after 70 years? The answers to all those questions are in the devotion and the sidebar to it.

The short devotion is from the blog. In the last chapters of Romans, Paul answers the question, “I am saved, so what!” The devotion lists three traits that Christian love has that worldly love can never demonstrate. There are also questions after the devotion challenging us to live with God’s love. Feel free to use the devotions in this newsletter or on the website for your ministry. 

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